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Portland Real Estate Video

Are the photographs of your property failing to get you inquiries and callbacks?

If yes, then maybe it’s time to add video to the mix.

The Drone Dragon has extensive experience in the field of real estate video.

We use the latest in video production technology to bring to you brilliant visuals of your real estate property.

Real Estate Tours in Motion


Packages starting @

  • Interior footage
  • Exterior Footage
  • Tracking Text
  • Color Grading
  • Time Lapse
  • Traveling fee – $1.00/ mile outside Portland


Capture amazing shots of your property with the use of drone technology.


Other photographers charge $100 or more for drone footage.


Free hi-res webpage for every property. Don't be restricted by MLS.


Others will charge you $50 or more for webhosting.


Our videos are shot and hosted in full 4K high resolution.


Others only shoot in 1080p!

Aerial Video

Did you know, the best angle to view a home from is five to ten feet above the roof line? Until recently, one needed a ladder, a cherry picker, or a really tall tripod to get that kind of perspective. Thanks to new technology, a licensed drone operator can create practically any scene you need for your real estate video.

Stunning Aerial Footage

We are renowned in the Portland area for our aerial video services. We use our drones to capture brilliant visuals of the property you have on sale. Our drone’s camera is equipped with a one-inch twenty-megapixel sensor that’s capable of shooting in 4K resolution. The magnesium and titanium alloy construction makes the drone very lightweight and gives it the flexibility and agility it needs to make turns, ascents, and descents. This allows us to experiment with lighting and angles mid-flight.

Real Estate Photography

If you would like to supplement your video with photos, let us know. We also offer real estate photography services.

Editing and Production


Prior to the shoot, we walk through every property to determine the best course of action to take and what features to exhibit.  From the planning stage to the post-production stage, we will work with you every step of the way.

Editing and Color Grading

Footage is rarely ready straight out of camera, therefore it is necessary to edit and color grade the footage to not only preserve details but also to recreate the mood a house produces in person. Color grading can make colors more vibrant and rooms feel warm.


Once a walk-through is complete we can determine the best course of action to take. Using a variety of cameras, combined with gimbals and sliders, we can produce any style of video you desire from a cinematic video to a walk-through tour.


After the final production is complete we will encode the video for web hosting. You will receive an email with a link to your properties own web page complete with details of the property and the video. Easily shareable with your entire database!

Why Professional Real Estate Video?

While real estate photographs have their own allure and usefulness, videos provide certain benefits that photographs do not. Here’s why you need to add real estate videos to your marketing campaign:

Second to an actual walk-through

Real estate video allows agencies to cover both the interiors and exteriors of the property. When a potential home buyer watches a video, they feel as though they are taking a physical tour of the house. With proper composing and color, you can bring out the true emotion of a home.

Videos are more realistic than photographs

Videos provide moving visuals of the property. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. A photograph, with its still frames, fails to capture the beauty of the property.

Get more inquiries

According to Inman, properties that are listed with a video get 4x the amount of inquiries than properties that aren’t listed with a video.

Immersive Experience

Through videos, real estate agencies can create 3D tours that potential home buyers can indulge in. With state-of-the-art technology now available to the mass making the videos more interactive and entertaining, the entire process becomes more immersive for both prospects and real estate agents alike.

Property features can be conveyed effortlessly

Agents can show minute details of the property to prospects, which is not possible through photos. Specific features can be focused on and shown to potential home buyers.

Double your email click-through rate

In the same Inman article, including a video in an email you send out to your database doubles your CTR.

Apart from these benefits, it’s been observed that the time taken to close a sale by using a video is much shorter than the time needed to close a sale by using only photographs

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